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Posted: December 26, 2005 by Administrator @ 10:16pm

The great thing about Asian Babe Cams is that most of the girls online there are at $1.99 per minute.  So, even if you get a lamer who tries to bilk you for time and money, it still doesn't cost you a hole heck of alot for webcam mishaps.  BerNice69 is a really pleaser.  She is a hot bodied 21 year old filipina cam girl from Manila, Philippines who knows how to please her man online.   She was clad in a bikini, I didn't even do the Free Chat feature, and just purchased time from her for Private.  Within 1 minute, all her clothes were taken off, and within 2 minutes, she was sucking the dildo and the dildo balls on her cam.  Within 3 minutes, she had her dildo under her pussy riding it on her little bed.    She is a cute filipina with a nice body.  She has pleasant titties for a filipina and a great CokeCola shaped body that will please you online.  We highly recommend her for some online fun!

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BLOG 3 - An overview of this weeks Asian Webcams Experience
I thought I would put up some of the hottest girls I've purchased time from at Asian Babe Cams.  These cam girls are "SURE BETS" when it cums to getting your cock off in Private Chat.  Make no mistake about these beauties, they are there for your pleasure.  Make sure you are kind to them and let them know what you want.  I haven't had a bad experience with any of these beauties so go ahead and get to know them and then have fun in Private Chat. Have fun and enjoys this fine filipina pussy! 
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Laleine is a sweet slender bodied 21 year old that has an ass and pussy that is out of this world.   She hangs out online at Asian Babe Cams during the daytime hours here in the USA, and is a fun little treat to spend time with online.  I spent some time with her in Private Chat and she showed me all the gifts she was given at birth.  Her pussy sits so nicely on her perfect round ass and her tight little asshole shows very well when raised high in the air.  She is a two finger anal gal, and doesn't mind fingering her ass - it seems to be her preference.  She immediately started rubbing her ass first before her pussy - maybe her pussy was too raw from all the holiday excitement.  Anyway, this camgirl is a certain sure bet.  You'll fall in love with her, since she is a drop dead gorgeous hottie with a smile that will melt your heart.

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One of the hottest women I've ever seen online is
Cutie Thai.  By far, Cutie Thai could be the most beautiful camgirl ever at Asian Babe Cams.  Just looking at her in Private Chat is more than most men will need to get their rocks off with this beauty.   Although she did not play with herself the way I wanted her to, she still gave an incredibly erotic performance.   Her breasts are perfectly round and perfect size for her body.  Her ass and pussy are flawless.   One of the most incredible thing about this beauty is her demeanor online.  When you go into Private Chat with her, the first thing she will do is put her hands together in Thai prayer formation and bow to you online with thanks and gratitude for taking her to Private Chat.  She does an incredible sexy strip and gets completely naked and does play with her pussy, although she did not finger it.  That's ok, since she can probably get away with it!

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Lateine has an pussy and ass that is out of this world.  She loves to finger her ass online!
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Asian Babe Cams is Sexy Tricia.  She is a 22 year old experienced cam girl with an ultra hot body and a desire to please you online.   When you take her into Private Chat, she is so accomodating.   Her small framed Cebuana body is perfectly proportioned with small perky breasts, and hips that go well with her thing waste line.  She's been one of my favorites at Asian Babe Cams over the past year.  She wasn't online for the past two months, but resurfaced right before the holidays.  I'm glad she's back.  I love watching her face as she plays with her tight pussy and ass.  She doesn't mind fingering her ass with her fingers and actually gets her fingers working hard and fast as if she truly enjoys it.   I get the felling with Tricia that she loves to make her man feel good in Private Chat.  Wow.  That's the kind of camgirl every guy is looking for in Private!

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Sexy Tricia
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